MYTVOnline Version 1.5.0 Update

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MYTVOnline Version 1.5.0 Update

Postby AdminVN » Tue May 16, 2017 6:35 am


MYTVOnline Version 1.5.0

Black Screen issue fixed
Channel zapping speed improved
Fixed VOD subtitle loading issue with certain portals
Fixed issue in Catch-up EPG where past events after a certain time could not be displayed
Improved performance when setting event reminders
Improved performance and display of Grid EPG
Fixed crashing issue when loading certain VOD contents
Fixed VOD library loading issue with certain portals
Fixed VOD stuttering playback issue with certain contents
Added ability to change video aspect ratio with the V.Format button on the RCU
Added Complain feature when supported by the middleware.
Press the RED hotkey to access.
Remote reboot and Remote reload portal supported from operator's dashboard.
Added external player option for VOD contents
Activate from MYTVOnline Settings Menu
Improved VOD series navigation.
Press UP/DOWN to skip 10 episodes.
Simple USB Recording of live TV now supported.
Press the REC button on the RCU once to begin recording.
Press REC again to show the recording dialog.
Press PLAYLIST to see recorded programs
General UI improvements
FORMULER F1 & F3 With OpenBH by Ostende ;)


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